What is Typically Included in a Business Property Insurance Policy?

Along with the actual business property and equipment, there are other areas you may want to inquire about when shopping for business property insurance. Certain business property insurance policies may cover all of the following, depending on the insurance company. Other companies may have you purchase additional or supplemental insurance for the following items:

Data or records protection – covers the loss of data and/or company records that were destroyed, and will take both time and money to reproduce.

Undamaged stock protection – refers to the coverage of undamaged items that can no longer be used or marketed due to the damage of related goods.

Computer virus protection – covers the loss of any data and business resulting from computer viruses.

Intangible coverage – refers to the coverage of any patents, copyrights, and trademarks.

Off-premises property insurance – the extension of your property coverage, which includes protection at other locations such as fairs, trade shows, installations, exhibits, or any place where your company may conduct business using company-owned equipment.

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