What Else Can You Do to Minimize Disaster?

A profitable company will not only purchase the proper type of small business insurance, but will also plan ahead to bounce back should any type of disaster hit. General risk management advice experts would tell you that employee training is by far one of the most important preparations you can make as a business owner. After all, your employees will likely be at the place of business should the disaster occur. Educating your employees on fire safety, as well as putting together your own company emergency evacuation and/or post-disaster program is a smart idea. Fire safety is particularly important, especially if the staff is around flammable materials or anything of the like. To reduce the likelihood of fire, ensure your electrical system is up to date, and that your company is located within a building that is fire-resistant, and that the construction of the building correlates with damage-resistant codes for buildings.

The emergency/disaster plan that you put together for employees should be taught to each and every employee, as well as any newcomers. The plan can consist of simple ideas, such as keeping several copies of records that the business could be legally liable for, or preparing usage of an alternate workplace. A list of important contacts including customers, contractors, business liability insurance agents, and any other people you may need to contact on a daily basis should also be kept in a safe place. This list will help you to get in touch with the important contacts after a disaster, helping you to maintain critical relationships while your business is in transition.

Thoughtful disaster planning (along with an excellent Business Owners Policy with additional separate plans as needed) will not only cover you from losses, but will help further the success of your company.

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