Vending Machine Insurance

Do you want to install a vending machine on your business’s premises? All you have to do is roll it through the door, set it down, plug it in and forget about it, right? Not so fast! You may not think about your vending machine very much after you set it up, but there’s a lot that goes into choosing to have one and the liabilities involved.

Liability insurance is important for protecting you against the unpredictable. Vending machines are no exception to liabilities, especially since oftentimes you can’t constantly monitor where they are or what people are doing with or around them. There are a number of liability issues surrounding the ownership of a vending machine.

My Tummy Hurts…

More often than not, the products that you sell in your vending machine will probably be insured by their producers, but if someone eats something from your vending machine and gets sick, there’s a good chance they’ll come knocking on your door. You’re not expected to manually inspect every product that goes into your vending machine, but if someone gets sick after eating or drinking something from your machine, liability insurance for vending machine operators will cover the cost of your customer’s medical bills and protect you from further liability.

It Doesn’t End at Food Poisoning

People love to file law suits. Remember the case made by the woman who spilled her McDonald’s coffee in her lap and sued because it was too hot? People like her exist. Think about all of the crazy warning labels on products that you own—those labels exist because someone actually did whatever crazy thing the label warns you about. If your vending machine contains any products that are especially hot, or with small pieces that a child may choke on, or something that might stain a customer’s clothing, liability insurance will protect you from people who go out looking for reasons to sue others.

Kids Will Be Kids

Kids find a way to get into everything they shouldn’t. Perhaps a young boy will try to show off in front of his friends and grab something out of your vending machine, or a little girl might try to sneak a piece of candy out of the machine after wandering away from her parents. Either of these scenarios provide ample opportunity for the kids to get hurt, and if they do and you don’t have insurance, you could be in trouble. Regardless of the fact that they were doing something they shouldn’t, if someone gets injured by your machine, you’re liable. Is this still true if the rowdy brats trying to shake your machine until something falls out wind up knocking it over on themselves and getting hurt? Yep, unfortunately it does.


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