The Basics on Business Liability Insurance

It can be quite complicated to understand everything there is to know about small business liability insurance. Given the society we live in, any old type of insurance simply won’t cut muster. This is because various types of insurance are put into play for several situations. You will find that most insurance companies offer an array of packages that merge protection from main liability hazards and property risks.

Such packages are known in the insurance industry as a BOP, or Business Owners Policy. If you are a small business owner, you would purchase a BOP designed specifically for small companies with similar risks. Added to that would be other coverage types as necessary separately sold.

The standard Business Owners Policy includes:

1.Business liability insurance, which takes care of any legal responsibilities related to injuries to customers at your office, as well as any property damage that may occur at a client’s location.
2.Property insurance, which insures the work place and any assets that the company owns.
3. Business interruption insurance, which takes care of anything that may disturb the normal function of a business, such as fire, or unpredictable events of that nature.

Any coverage separate from the above will most likely need to be added onto the BOP. Such coverage may include auto insurance, disability insurance, workers compensation insurance, and professional liability insurance. Some of these added forms of coverage may even be a legal requirement for your business, depending on what state your company is located in. For example, certain stations require workers compensation insurance if you hire employees, or have set insurances that must be purchased in order for one to obtain a businesses license in that state. Take a look into your specific state’s legal requirements to ensure that your company is not at legal risk.

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