The Alex Rodriguez Insurance Fraud Scandal

Insurance Fraud is not something to joke around about.  The implications of lying, just to receive payment from an insurer is a serious crime that should not be overlooked.  In the case of the NY Yankees and their third baseman, Alex Rodriguez, accusations have been made against the team of misrepresenting his injury in order to collect a fat check.  Rodriguez, who believed that his team was wrong about the extent of his injury, met with another doctor to get a second opinion.  This medical examination was done by Michael L. Gross, of the Sports Medicine Institute at Hackensack University.  In an interview by Mike Francesa of WFAN Radio, Gross stated that, “to be perfectly honest I don’t see any sort of injury there.”

Rodriguez was scheduled to return to the team on Monday for the first time since his surgery but the Yanks decided to have him undergo an MRI where it was decided that he still suffered from a Grade 1 strained quad.  This would keep him out of the game for another 10 days at most.  In addition to the injuries which have plagued him, he is also facing the possibility of a lifetime ban from the league due to using performance enhancing drugs once again.

A-Rod’s opinion of his medical status was that he was healthy enough to play.  If it turns out to be true, the Yankees would be guilty of insurance fraud.  Their decision to bench Rodriguez would put him on disability, which would no longer make the responsibility of his contract the Yankee’s problem, but the problem of their insurance company.  Insurance policies are meant to protect organizations, and trying to take advantage of one isn’t something the Yankee’s would ever want staining their image and brands.

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