A Slow Start to the Affordable Care Act

Although federal officials reported that the Marketplace website, which is set to handle the new public healthcare program beginning October 1st, had been tested thoroughly and was prepared for heavy traffic, the surge of Americans that tried to get involved was more than anyone had anticipated. Due to the millions of Americans who tried to register upon the opening of enrollment on Tuesday, there were a significant amount of technical difficulties in the site’s operations.

Federal officials determined that over 2.8 million people have visited the federal Marketplace’s website, HealthCare.gov, many of whom experienced errors that kept them from ever actually make it to the site. There was a mixed reaction to the problems related to the site—some see the overwhelming numbers of people showing interest in the site as proof that there’s a tremendous demand for a federal healthcare system, while others believe that this is a result of poor planning and execution because we’ve taken on something we can’t handle.

On October 1st, many Americans went out to the help centers located throughout the country, which were put in place to help people register for the Marketplace and enroll in the healthcare plan that best suits their needs. However, even at these locations, there were issues accessing the website, and many were unable to get the help they sought. At the Jessie Trice Community Health Center in Miami, many people had to be given appointments to return another week because the agents meant to assist them could not gain access to the site.

The federal Marketplace wasn’t the only exchange that was having issues; state-run insurance websites were also facing difficulties. In Kentucky, many users found themselves unable to even create their accounts because the website suffered severe lags and refused to load. Supporters of the Affordable Care Act are still hopeful, insisting that the poor service is only due to the high demand for healthcare, but many are left frustrated and skeptical.

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