Procuring Graphic Design Insurance

Design work is a very difficult business to be in.  Whether you freelance, or work for an agency, be sure to do what you can’t to not only make your clients happy, but to protect yourself from financial burden.  For instance, if there are mistakes found in your creative work by the client or you are otherwise negligent, they might seek financial compensation to cover losses.

One type of insurance to protect yourself from these type of scenarios is professional indemnity insurance.  It protects businesses from allegation of negligence, mistakes, or errors in any of the work you have supplied to your clients.  If, by the end of your project your client is still unhappy and your claim is defended unsuccessfully you will be responsible to pay up.  Professional indemnity insurance can cover the cost associated with this situation.

Another area of concern would be copyright infringement.  Typically, projects involve procuring the correct type of rights.  This can become a job in of itself and if the rights are not obtained properly claims could be made against the designer.  An example of this which happens quite frequently is with photos.  Even if it’s an accident and the designer fails to obtain the proper rights they are ultimately to blame.  They could be targeted by the photographer or from the stock photography account.  Professional Indemnity Insurance will prevent you losing money in this situation.

Designers also face exposure when arranging print jobs and specifications.  If the print material doesn’t serve it purpose or there happen to be copy errors then then the designer is at fault, not the printer.  Without indemnity insurance the graphic designer would be required to pay out of pocket.

Regardless of the type of design work you do, it would be smart to procure some sort of liability coverage so that when accidents happen, you don’t have to suffer the brunt of the costs associated with the claim against you.  Contact your professional insurance agent today if you are still interested in obtaining Graphic Design Insurance.

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