October is Organize Your Medical Information Month!

Did you know that October is also Organize Your Medical Information Month? If you didn’t, don’t worry, because it’s news to us too! However, in an effort to bring you all things Insurance news-related, we’ve done some digging to get you in the know about how to take this opportunity to organize your important documents!

Keeping all of your medical information in an easy-to-read document, in an easy-to-find place seems like a pretty sensible thing to do, but how many of us actually take the time to do it? Imagine you’ve been badly injured, and are unable to provide emergency medical service (EMS) techs with critical medical information, such as your medical history, current health conditions, current medications, or your general practitioner. The hospital workers turn to your family for answers to these important questions, but due to the distress they’re feeling because of your condition, they all draw a blank. This scenario is easy to imagine, because it happens all the time, and it’s why Organize Your Medical Information Month is such a great idea!

Don’t let the reality of this happening to you or someone whom you love be the catalyst to you preparing these important documents ahead of time—be proactive! Take Organize Your Medical Information Month as the opportunity to collect the important information for you and all of your family members, and put it someplace where everyone can access if need be. Here’s a tip to help you get started:

Who’s Your ICE?

Yes, that’s right, ‘who,’ as in who is your In Case of Emergency contact, and not some frozen block of water. It’s important to have someone in your cell phone designated as your ICE contact in the event that you are involved in an accident. You should choose someone who is able to answer at least some basic questions about your medical needs, because that is usually the first person someone will contact if you’re hurt. Having someone designated as ICE will save valuable time for EMS workers who are trying to help you.

How Do I Designate Someone As My ICE?

Edit the contact name of the person whom you’d like to designate as your ICE so that instead of just their name, ex: “Fil,” or “Dad,” it reads, “ICE Fil,” or “ICE Dad.” It doesn’t hurt to also include your doctors’ names and specialization with “ICE” in front, too (ex: “ICE Dr. Jones, GP”). In addition to having these names stored in your phone, it’s wise to also keep a printed list of them in your wallet; the more available they are, the easier they’ll be for someone to find in case of an emergency.

Next week, we’ll conclude our list of tips to prepare your medical records during Organize Your Medical Information Month!

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