October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Did you know that October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month? There are so many dogs out there looking for good homes, take this opportunity to get out and bring home a new, furry friend! Dogs can provide so much for a family, your new dog can be your child’s best friend, a senior citizen’s constant companion, an exercise buddy to motivate you to get off the couch, and protection against potential threats to your family and home. Shelter dogs are especially wonderful, because the connection they build with their new families shows their understanding of having been rescued, and their gratitude for their new homes.

So you go to your local shelter, and as you’re walking through the aisles of pens full of excited, tail-wagging, absolutely adorable dogs, you set your sights on the one you know you have to take home. He’s jumping up and down against his fence, just begging you to come over and pet his floppy ears, and as soon as you do, you fall in love. As the responsible new pet owner that you are, you’ve already dog-proofed your house, so you’re ready to go and bring your new friend home. But the last question to be answered is: what do you know about pet insurance?

There are actually two types of pet insurance! One is Pet Health Insurance, and the other is Pet Liability Insurance.

Pet Health Insurance is exactly what you’d expect it to be, covering the same kinds of things that your personal health insurance covers. Many companies offer different packages of coverage, which vary in the amount that’s covered. Some plans are comprehensive, meaning that they cover regular wellness coverage, new chronic and recurring conditions, accidents, injuries and illnesses. Other plans cover different degrees of protection, and the lowest tier plans can cover emergency/accidental injuries only.

Pet Liability Insurance, commonly referred to as Dog Bite Insurance, protects you and your dog from potential liability in the case that your dog bites someone. There are many reasons that a dog may bite—even the most mild-tempered dog can be provoked to act out of character. Sometimes your Homeowner’s Insurance may cover the liability you face if your dog bites someone, but oftentimes it does not. Pet Liability Insurance isn’t only relative to dog bites; if your dog digs a hole in your neighbor’s yard and someone gets hurt, you can be held responsible. Having a Pet Liability Insurance policy protects you and your assets in the case of such an incident.

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