National Baby Safety Month: Parent Safety Tips

September is National Baby Safety Month, so we felt it was a good time to spread some safety tips for all you parents out there! We found this really interesting infographic at, so we want to share and talk about it.

As we all know, medication needs to be stored somewhere that’s inaccessible to our children. However, even though we know to take the necessary precautions, more than 500,000 calls are made by parents and caregivers annually to the poison control center regarding accidental overdoses. That means that every minute of every day, the poison control center is being consulted about a child who got access to medicine they shouldn’t have.

In 2011, emergency rooms treated over 67,000 children for medicine poisoning. That means that every eight minutes, a child was rushed into the emergency room because they took medicine they shouldn’t have!

Children are incredibly curious, and they often go searching in places we would never expect. Children find medicine in all sorts of places that we wouldn’t think to safeguard, so it’s important to be cognizant of these things. Based on the reports of children who visited emergency rooms for medicine poisoning, 27% of those children found the medicine on the ground or some other place where it was lost, 20% found the medicine in a purse/bag/wallet, and 20% found the medicine on a counter/dresser/table/nightstand. While your medicine may be most convenient to carry in your purse or nightstand, if you have children around you need to make sure that those areas are safeguarded from the children’s access.

Make sure you take the necessary precautions after you take your medicine, and always make sure it’s out of reach of little hands. Your awareness can save lives.

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