Lieutenant Appeals for Workers Comp due to Psychiatric Injury

Recently, at a UC Davis Protest, John Pike, a former Police Lieutenant, became infamous overnight.  Pike became a worldwide social media sensation after a video of him spraying college students with pepper spray at a protest.  Video taken at the scene clearly shows Pike dousing students at close range and went viral almost immediately.

After the incident Pike remained on paid leave while the situation was being investigated.  During this time, he received his full pay of 121,680 a year and while his actions were deemed reasonable, he was ultimately fired.  He is now seeking workers compensation.  The pepper spray used was not sanctioned by the use of his department nor was it meant for close range use.  IN his defense, Pike stated that his actions were done in order to, “gain compliance, so that I can get my troops out of there, my suspects out of there, and get a job done.”

Pike now reports numerous threats being sent to his home where he resides with his family and as a result.  Whether or not he will be awarded workers comp is still up in the air however statements from other task forces have expressed their view that Pike’s use of pepper spray in this instance was unwarranted.

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