Is Wedding Insurance on Your Wedding To Do List?

Last year, the average American wedding cost $28,000—with that much money you could easily buy a car! When you buy a new car, you don’t even question purchasing an auto insurance policy, so what makes planning a wedding any different? It’s oftentimes just as costly an investment, with just as much potential for the necessity for protection. Couples and their parents spend countless months ensuring that every delicate detail is perfectly in place for the big day; remember this important check on your wedding to do list so that you don’t let any unforeseen issue rain on your parade.

Natural disasters, such as floods or snowstorms, can bring your wedding celebrations to a dead halt. If your venue is inaccessible, your guests can’t get into town, and your vendors are all unable to operate, how can you possibly have a wedding? Or what if your venue burns to the ground, or your florist goes out of business, or your seamstress butchers your wedding dress during alterations? So many things can happen beyond your control that could cost you a lot of time and money during your planning.

There are two types of insurance that can protect you from the slew of issues that may arise while planning your wedding: cancellation/postponement insurance and liability insurance. The first covers any expense relative to canceling or postponing your wedding, including (but not limited to): invitations, venue deposits, catering, photography fees, and also covers lost/stolen gifts and jewelry, damage to your wedding attire, and if a vendor fails to deliver (food/photography/etc). Liability insurance covers anything that may happen during your wedding, such as property damage or injury; many venues require couples to take out liability insurance when booking their reservation.

Every policy is different, and some may include certain things that others do not, so it’s important to do your research when considering taking out any kind of insurance policy. Wedding insurance is certainly something to look into, though, because a policy that costs anywhere from $155-550 could potentially cover up to $1million in damages! Make sure you put securing an insurance policy on your wedding to do list today!

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