Insurance Companies Putting A Stop To Guns in Schools

Insurance Rates Halt Gun Use By Faculty

Nothing could be more devastating than hearing about a school shooting on the news.  Last December, in the wake of the Newtown, CT shootings, many people spoke out about the possibility of having teachers carry guns in schools.  The NRA still has plans to back these initiatives to arm Teachers and Administrators, but Congress has done nothing.  According to the NY times, plans are being halted due to the fact that Insurance Companies will not issue coverage to school districts with armed employees.  In the best case scenarios, those who do get approved would see substantial increases in the cost of premiums.

Reasons Behind Increased Rates

This year alone, seven states enacted laws permitting teachers or administrators to carry guns in school.  Districts in Kansas, South Dakota, and Tennessee took effect at the beginning of this month.  It hasn’t gone as smoothly as initially thought.  EMC Insurance Companies, who happen to be the liability insurance provider of 90 percent of Kansas school districts, have declined coverage to each school that allows firearms.  They have stated that the decision was made to, “protect the financial security,” of their company.  A similar situation arose in Northeast Indiana when an insurer refused to provide workers comp for the same reason.  The Oregon School Board Association has since announced an additional $2500 dollar premium increase for each faculty member who carries a weapon.

Decisions To Be Made

Arguments have been made by those in favor of free market policies that it is only a matter of time before one insurance company finally decides to cover the insurance policies.  This argument is simple, stating that as long as insurance companies can make money on the policy, they will sell it, regardless of the moral implications.  While the ethicality of such statements can be debated, one thing is certain, insurance can and always will be an important thing behind the decisions we make.

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