How Do I Find a Reputable Agent?

Sometimes, the same insurance agent who handles your home or auto insurance may be able to assist you with business insurance. This is especially true if your company requires only a basic business insurance package. Working with someone who knows your personal situation and coverage can be beneficial in many ways, and is certainly convenient. However, there are some things to keep in mind. Some insurance agents prefer to remain more specialized, and therefore write only specific types of policies; others represent only one or two insurers, therefore limiting their clients’ options; and still others simply may not have adequate knowledge of specific types of business insurance to ensure that their clients’ business insurance packages are truly tailored to their business.

If you do not currently have an insurance agent, or if you have decided not to work with your personal agent to choose your business insurance policies, you should look for an agent who specializes in business insurance. You can do this via the Internet, the local Yellow Pages, or the Better Business Bureau. But even with the vast amounts of information out there, old-fashioned networking is sometimes the best way to find a reputable agent. Talk to your friends, colleagues, and fellow business owners about their experiences with insurance agents, and ask for referrals. Quality of service is an insurance agent’s best credential, and referrals typically are not as biased as advertisements or even certain referral web pages.

At, we’ve been helping contractors, construction companies, and other businesses all over the nation find great business insurance coverage at unbeatable prices for more than 25 years. Even if you’ve worked with other agents in the past, our insurance specialists can offer you objective and valuable advice about your business insurance coverage and coverage levels, and help you find policies that benefit your business, not just the insurance companies. To speak to one of our professional, courteous insurance specialists, please call 1.800.649.9094 today. Or, just click here to request a free quote.

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