Holiday Safety: Putting Up Christmas Lights

We started talking about ways to avoid the hazards of the holiday season in our last post. This time we’re going to look at the risks involved in decorating for the holidays, and give you some holiday safety tips.

Decking the Halls (and Everywhere Else)

Most people like to get into the holiday spirit by decorating the inside and outside of their homes and offices. Before you get started, it’s important to plan out how your display will be laid out in order to reduce any risk of fire, electrical shock, trip-and-fall injuries, and property damage. Holiday safety should be your #1 priority!

Reaching Great Heights

If you have to use a ladder to hang lights or other decorations, be sure to use a fiberglass or wooden ladder, as they don’t conduct electricity like a metal ladder will. This way, if your ladder touches an open power source, you won’t risk being electrocuted. If your ladder looks damaged in any way prior to using it, bite the bullet and buy a new one. Shelling out a few bucks to replace your ladder will cost way less than a hospital bill.

Additionally, make sure that when you’re using a ladder, it’s always on a firm, even surface. If your ladder isn’t on a flat surface, you run the risk of it toppling over as you climb, and even falling a short distance from a ladder could result in pretty serious injuries. Make sure you always have contact with your ladder at three points—either both hands and one foot, or both feet and one hand, while working on the ladder. Attempting any kind of acrobatic stunts while trying to hang your Christmas lights is always a terrible idea.

Hit the Lights!

Holiday lights, extension cords, and all the electric components involved in decorating for Christmas pose fire risks. As we mentioned last time, only use lights that are UL-certified, which means they’ve been tested and approved. When decorating outside, make sure that you’re using lights that are designated to be used outdoors. Make sure you don’t have wires or cords strewn across the ground in places where people may trip over them. All of your cords should be neatly wrapped to avoid tangles and injuries. Also, make sure you carefully inspect all of your electrical cords before using them, to be sure none of the wires are loose, and nothing is frayed or cracked.

Check back with us for our next post on holiday travel risks! Stay safe this holiday season by following our holiday safety tips!

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