Governor Cuomo Extends FEMA Funded Housing for Sandy Victims

When it comes to natural disasters, tragedy could strike at any moment.  This past October, hurricane Sandy took the east coast by storm and left many people without homes or support.  Luckily, the United States government responded and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, came to the aid of many helpless Americans.  One program which was put in place was the TSA program, or the Transitional Sheltering Assistance program.

This program was designed to help troubled families who had lost everything in the wake of the storm.  Although it was only designed to be a short term solution for families while the government worked towards a longer term housing plan, it was the best they could do to ensure that those in need would not be without proper living conditions while they tried to regain control over their lives.  While the program was initially designed to run till mid-august, Governor Cuomo, of NY has worked towards extending the program to members of NY.

Cuomo made a statement to the press expressing his concerns.  He indicated that, “The Transitional Sheltering Assistance program continues to be an important resource for the victims of Super Storm Sandy.  Extending this program is the right thing to do for displaced homeowners who continue to pursue stable housing plans for the future.”

FEMA will continue to review the last 84 households still utilizing this TSA program throughout the first phase, which will last from August 16th to September 1st.  This will allow eligible families to stay at participating motels or hotels.  It may not seem like a huge deal to the masses, but to the 84 families still suffering from losses, it means the world.  We cannot stress the importance of having an insurance policy which will protect your home or business property in the event of another super storm such as Sandy.  Contact one of our insurance professionals today to review your home or office property insurance today.

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