Dry Cleaners Insurance Coverage

If you think that small business insurance is a blanket package that covers a standard across all industries, think again. Different industries offer different services, and as such they need specific types of coverage to make sure they’re protected from every angle. In the dry cleaning industry, there are a number of liabilities that come into play that aren’t an issue in the restaurant industry. Business Owners Policies (BOPs) cover the basics, but for dry cleaners, there are add-ons for their policies that tailor their coverage to suit their dry cleaners insurance needs.

Some dry cleaners insurance-specific coverage types include:

  • Customer property coverage
  • Coverage for articles in transit
  • Damage while being processed
  • Mysterious disappearances
  • Boiler and machinery coverage, which includes processing equipment, the dry cleaner’s personal property, injury to anyone as a result of machinery malfunction, and property damage
  • Customers’ fur coverage, including on-site, in transit, at a secondary processing facility, and in approved storage enclosures
  • Excess legal liability

As a dry cleaner, one of your primary job functions is to keep your customers looking their best. This may involve weekly deliveries of freshly pressed business attire; delicate garment handling, such as with wedding dresses; and being entrusted with a customer’s favorite clothing articles. Your dry cleaners insurance policy needs to meet the needs of your business operations, because your customers put a lot of faith in your services, and you need to make sure your dry cleaners insurance coverage can protect them (and your business!).

There are a number of risks involved in running a dry cleaner, and although they’re not really something you want to think about often, they’re a reality for which you need to be prepared. You operate a number of heavy-duty pieces of machinery, and they’re the bread and butter of your operations. If they malfunction or otherwise break down, do you have enough dry cleaners insurance coverage to repair or replace them? Not having that machinery up and running will throw a serious wrench in your productivity; can you afford that? For that reason alone, having an all-encompassing insurance policy is worth it.

If your dry cleaning business is looking for a Business Owners Policy that can be adapted to suit your individual needs, InsuranceQuoteOnline.com is the place for you! Use our form to get in touch with leading national insurance providers to make sure your business has the protection it needs to keep running at maximum performance!

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