Do I need inland marine insurance?

You will only need inland marine insurance if your business property, goods, or materials spent a significant amount of time in transit. For example, a business executive who travels for conferences two or three times per year will probably not require an inland marine policy to cover his laptop computer. However, a sales representative who travels to a different city each week will certainly need such a policy, because the likelihood that his equipment, which is crucial to his occupation, will be lost or damaged is far higher than for the infrequent traveler. In the same way, a clothing store will probably not need inland marine insurance unless their products are rare, expensive, or easily damaged in shipment, but a construction company that frequently transports heavy ground moving equipment from site to site will certainly require an inland marine policy. For those who travel or move items less often, a “traveler’s insurance” policy, like those offered by many business credit cards, may be sufficient, and may be purchased on an as-needed basis, at the same time tickets are booked.

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