Whether your vehicles provide mobility to your employees, equipment, products or clientele, you cannot operate without comprehensive insurance coverage at the bare minimum. As the name suggests, business automobile insurance provides protection for the many vehicles used in business, such as:

  1. Private passenger cars
  2. Pick- up trucks
  3. Light vans
  4. Sport Utility Vehicles
Quotes include coverage areas:
  1. Auto liability
  2. Medical payments
  3. Comprehensive coverage
  4. Collision coverage
  5. Uninsured and underinsured motorists coverage
  6. Coverage for autos you borrow and/or rent
  7. Cover for employee using their cares for business

Same business insurance coverage is available to protect a business owner against liability claims that arise out of the operation of the business vehicle.

*You will need to purchase commercial auto insurance if any vehicle is registered in the name of your business. If employees use their own cars for work purposes, you should consider purchasing extra general liability coverage as a protection against claims if they are in an accident. Statistically, the more time spent on the road, the more likely the driver is to get into an accident. Your policy should reflect this factor.

Suitable for contract, landscapers or skilled trade people to ensure enough insurance to protect you in every and all situations.

Common types of insurance:

Liability Insurance: Including bodily injury and property damage if you are at fault of an accident.

Physical Damage Coverage: Comprehensive and collision coverage can protect you if your pickup truck collides with another object or rolls or is stolen.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist: Coverage if you are hit by another vehicle that does not have adequate insurance to cover damages, or does not have insurance at all.

Whether you are operating a delivery van or a small fleet of cargo vans, it is important to ensure your vehicles, business and operators are properly insured.

Types of vans insured:

Cargo Vans
Delivery Vans
Company Vans
Mini Vans
Passenger Vans
Wheelchair vans
Step Vans
Sprinter Trucks

Can range from owner/operator insurance, motor carrier insurance or private carrier insurance.

Commercial truck insurance covers trucks of all sizes:

Box Trucks
Semi Trucks
Flat Bed Trucks
Front Loaders
Garbage Trucks
Pickup Trucks
Tank Trucks
Dump Trucks
Auto Haulers Trailers
Flat Bed Trailers
And many moreā€¦

To protect your business investment, it is vital to carry this plan for any company that earns income by towing or offering roadside assistance to disabled vehicles.

Examples of businesses that would qualify for this type of insurance are:

Roadside service providers
Auto club contractors
Rotational towing
Auto body shops
Auto mechanical repair
Full service stations
Auto salvage and auction haulers

If you are an aggregate hauler, leased to a motor carrier, your motor carrier should provide Primary Liability Insurance coverage. Additionally, you may need to find your own Physical Damage Insurance.

Motor Carrier Filing for Dump Truck Operations:

Motor carriers usually need some type of Financial Responsibility Filing along with Commercial Truck Insurance.